Justin has turned his passion for YouTube into a seven figure business. He's a 26-year-old CEO of Feature Media, where he creates content for some of the largest brands in the world. Our content in the tech, lifestyle, and home industry has a total of 1.5 million combined followers and over 100,000,000 channel views. Through case studies with some of our biggest brand partners, he wants to help you turn your passion into profit.
Meet Justin

Why Should You take this course?




Whether you're just starting your channel or you've been struggling to build momentum, I know the feeling. From the how I make videos that appeal to YouTube’s algorithm, to my process of writing the perfect pitch and negotiating large brand partnerships, this course will teach you the frameworks of operating a successful business and media company. With over 8 hours of content, case studies, summary documents, and investment strategies, I’m confident this course can be a game-changer in your creative career.

Curriculum chapters

    1. What To Expect

    1. Learning Outcomes

    2. Getting Started On YouTube

    3. From Hobby To Business

    4. How I Revived My Channel

    5. Why Selecting A Niche Is Crucial For Your Success

    6. How To Pick A Profitable Niche

    7. How Frequently You Should Upload

    8. How Much Time Should You Focus On Numbers

    9. Wrap Up

    10. PDF: Keys To A Successful YouTube Channel

    11. Quiz #1

    1. Learning Outcomes

    2. Recipe To A Winning Video

    3. Breaking Down The Algorithm

    4. Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

    5. Watch Time

    6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    7. How To Thrive In Saturated Markets

    8. Which Metrics To Focus On And Which To Correlate

    9. Wrap Up

    10. PDF: Understanding and Utilizing the YouTube Algorithm

    11. Quiz #2

    1. Learning Outcomes

    2. Business Philosophy

    3. Top Mistakes I Made

    4. PDF: Business Mindset

    5. Quiz #3

    1. Learning Outcomes

    2. Types Of Revenue Streams

    3. Flagship Income Stream

    4. Active Income Streams: Sponsorships

    5. Passive Incomes Streams: Ad Sense & Affiliate Marketing

    6. How To Sell On Ebay And Facebook

    7. How Passive And Active Income Streams Compliment Eachother

    8. Wrap Up

    9. PDF: The Revenue Streams

    10. Quiz #4

    1. Learning Outcomes

    2. My Revenue Breakdown

    3. How Much Other YouTubers Are Making: Graham Stephan, Ali Abdaal

    4. Wrap Up

    5. PDF: Choosing and Prioritizing Your Income Streams

    1. Learning Outcomes

    2. How To Approach Companies

    3. Networking Within Agencies

    4. When To Produce Free Content

    5. What Is A Media Kit?

    6. Pitch Decks

    7. Creating The "Perfect Pitch" - Structuring An Email

    8. Best Times To Send Emails

    9. Utilizing LinkedIn

    10. How To Use Canva - Online Design App

    11. Wrap Up

    12. PDF: How To Work On Paid Sponsorships

    13. Media Kit Template - InDesign File

    14. Media Kit Template - Canva Link

    15. Quiz: #6

    1. Learning Outcomes

    2. What You Should Know First & What You Should Prepare

    3. Strategies Of Negotiation

    4. How To Negotiate Competitively Through Market Understanding

    5. How To Use Leverage While Negotiating & Determining Amount of Leverage You Have

    6. 3 Different Scenarios Of Applying The Skills

    7. Wrap Up

    8. PDF: The Negotiation Process

    9. Quiz #7

    1. Learning Outcomes

    2. Reviewing Social Blue Book

    3. Sharing Your Rates With Other Creators

    4. Supply And Demand

    5. Production vs. Promotion

    6. Factors That Influence Your Pricing & How To Maximize Them

    7. Wrap Up

    8. PDF: How to Determine & Maximize Your Rates

    9. Quiz #8

    1. Learning Outcomes

    2. Payment Structures

    3. What To Look Out For In Contracts

    4. Wrap Up

    5. Quiz #9

    6. PDF: Navigating Contracts

    1. Learning Outcomes

    2. How Much Should You Invest Back Into Your Business & How To Invest Your Money And Leverage Your Business

    3. When To Upgrade Tools

    4. Tips On Saving Money

    5. Taxes And Company Structures

    6. Wrap Up

    7. Quiz #10

    8. PDF: Re-Investing In Yourself And Company

    1. Learning Outcomes

    2. Workflow And Productivity Tips & Apps

    3. Equipment

    4. Delegating Work - Hiring Freelancers

    5. Notion Template

    6. PDF: Organization And Workflow Tips

    7. Quiz #11

    1. When You Should Ask For Free Product

    2. How You Should Ask For Free Product

    3. Examples Of Leverage We've Done Over The Years

    4. Examples Of Free Product (Case Studies)

    5. Wrap Up

    6. PDF: How To Get Free Stuff

    7. Quiz #12

    1. Learning Outcomes

    2. Developing Your Personal Brand

    3. Analytics: Increase Followers & Engagement

    4. Rates & Brand Partnerships

    5. Wrap Up

    6. PDF: How To Make Money on Instagram

    7. Quiz #13

    1. Discount Code List

    1. Case Study #1

    2. Case Study #2

    3. Case Study #3

    4. Case Study #4

    5. Case Study #5

    6. Case Study #6

    7. Case Study #7

    8. PDF: Case Studies

  • Growth

    Growing your social following is an important aspect of inreasing your revenue. By understanding the modern day algorithm and best practices, you can use them to your. advantage, and take control of your content.

  • Negotiation

    Negotiation is an essential part of life, not only in the business. In social media, especially, it is important to create strengths, find your leverage, and position it with what aligns with the client you are seeking something from.

  • Business Acumen

    With content, there is always a balance of art and business, both provide value and are important to varying degrees. By understanding the frameworks of an operational company. It ensures success, profitability, and longevity of your career.