This is the course!

Chris SpawnPoiint

I joined the course with pretty high expectations. Knowing how successful Justin's channel, business and socials were, I assumed this course would be of a similar quality. And I was not disappointed. The course not only provides you with the information needed to get started on YouTube, but even for someone like me who's been doing it for a couple of years, it reinforced things I was already doing. It covers every aspect of running a successful business/channel, with tips and real use examples to help explain it. Not only that but the calm approach, pace, quality and bite size videos make it so easy to digest. This doesn't feel like a traditional course, it feels like a one-way video call where Justin is helping you out. It's awesome. I've said this to him already, but just watching one module instantly makes me feel inspired to create more. Thanks for the course, and I hope everyone who takes this is able to apply it to their own channel. Chris / SpawnPoiint

The Perfect Roadmap

Paul Bradford

I've been making YouTube videos part-time for nearly 8 years and have recently decided to pursue YouTube full-time. Justin's course is the perfect roadmap to navigate that transition. He pulls back the curtain on content strategy, income streams, and securing brand deals. I'm now much more confident about tackling the business side of YouTube and social media.

Finally a course that talks about the financial aspects of YouTube

Spencer Stanley

Justin has created a course that helps you understand how to create a successful YouTube channel and navigate the trickier financial aspects. In this course, I learned a lot about different revenue streams and how to make my YouTube channel a successful business. Paid sponsorships are rarely publicly talked about with transparency. This course was extremely helpful in teaching me how I can navigate them and make more money on YouTube.

Best course on negotiating brand deals and building a YouTube business I've seenEric Villa

Eric Villa

This is the best course and demonstration on negotiating brand deals and building a YouTube business I've seen. I've always known having a YouTube audience was valuable, but I finally have the tools to articulate why it can provide value.


Mate Urbin

I had a really positive experience with Justin’s course. It covered a lot of topics that I didn’t know much about, from the basics of content strategy and growing your social following to writing the perfect pitch and even negotiating large brand partnerships on your own.